The goal of TALL Tec is to provide the consultation, services and products necessary to help your business stand TALL!


The Global economy has shifted. The small businesses have demonstrated a need for quality technical support and follow through. Our focus is empowering small business to grow by expanding their reach on the internet. We offer a myriad of services and products designed to drive traffic and protect your business.

Technical Support

The goal of our technical support is to act as a help desk for your business. We are renaissance men and women. We work hard to master a wide range of software and hardware to be the go to for your technical needs. Our proactive approach translates to less headaches for you and less interruptions in your day to day tasks. We work hard to support all of our partners products as well as our very own custom creations. The best part is that we offer basic Free Support! Even if you have a device or program that we do not directly support we will at least point you in the right direction.

Managed Services

We are in the business of helping you succeed. Not every company has a help desk, marketing team, project managers, developers and designers onsite. TALL Tec provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between hiring a full time professional to handle your technical needs. We will consult on what is best for your business and make suggestions based on the best available solutions. Technical challenges can be intimidating and frustrating to deal with. Entrust your issues to TALL Tec and we will keep your project on task and on budget.

Professional Network

Partnering with some of the best channels around in the world has helped our expertise and growth tremendously. This expertise translates to less headaches for you and less interruptions in your day to day tasks. We are able to offer such extensive technical service because of the creative professionals we have vetted to collaborate on projects with TALL Tec. You can trust that no matter your digital need, TALL Tec can find the answer.

Premium Privacy

Here at TALL Tec we take your personal information very seriously. Due to the current global security landscape hacking and identity theft is at an all-time high. We will always offer best practices and services to keep your information safe. Anonymous registration is available as well as ethical hacking services to ensure your infrastructure is secure and your identity safe. Most of our packages can include full security services to ease any worries you may have. We also outline basic steps on our blog that outline steps you can take to protect your brand.