Our community has been an integral part in our development. We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us.

Teaching Our Community Technical Literacy.

Throughout our life, many people have played a part in our development and success as leaders of our community. We strongly believe in paying it forward and give back to the community that has given so much to me. TALL Tec has partnered with nonprofit education websites that provide resources to help instructors teach computer science and Information Technology to students of all ages and backgrounds. We use these resource to teach our community’s youth skills that can empower and improve the lives’ of others. One of the best tools we can use to empower our youth is knowledge and skills that can be used to secure their professional future and begin earning an income before they graduate high school.


Community Gardens

We want to be a part of restoring a vision of neighbors being neighbors and a community working together rather than against each other. We actively support and contribute to local community gardens that serve low income communities. We realize nutrition is a vital key to a strong future and fueling innovation. Join us in our goal is to empower local communities to increase control of their families health and future.

Basketball Camps

TALL Tec believes sports and technology go hand in hand. TALL Tec focuses on Team sports and encourages community participation in them. With Information Technology, teamwork and chemistry is paramount to success. One of the biggest challenges we face as a race is teamwork and collaboration. Team sports teach us how to be self-accountable and work with others to reach a common goal. Nothing in our history has compared to the barrier breaking ability of team sports. Make sure to follow TALL Tec to stay up date on upcoming events and camps.